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Splash and Water Games

Fun splash and water games to cool down hot days.


splash of water for games


Use these fun splash and water games to cool down hot summer days. 

We've listed our favorite water games that are sure to get everyone soaked and having fun.  You don't need a pool to get cool this summer - just try these great splash and water games!


Crazy Water Balloon Volleyball

What you need to play

Lots of filled water balloons. A large sheet hung up as a net so that the players can’t see the other team. (This game can also be played with teams on either side of a fence or small building.) You can also lay down a sheet for each team to stand on (this makes it so the water balloons don’t break as easily.)

Object of the game

Catch and re-toss water balloons over a net.

Set up the crazy water balloon volleyball game

Divide into 2 teams and have each team stand on their sheet. Separate the water balloons equally and give each team a bucket or tub full of water balloons.
How to play

Each team then begins tossing over water balloons to the opposite team. If the water balloon is caught or doesn’t break when it hit’s the sheet - it can be thrown back over the “net”. After all the water balloons are popped count the balloons to determine the winner. This is a fun game especially because you can’t see where or when the water balloons will be thrown over the “net”.

Throw a lot of balloons at once
Can be played using a standard volleyball net
Be sure and pick up any popped water balloons and throw them away.






Water Limbo

Need:Water hose
Walk under the stream of water without getting wet.
Turn on the hose and create a jet of water using your thumb or hose sprayer.
Have children line up in back of the stream of water and one at a time bend over backwards to avoid getting wet as they walk under the stream of water. After each round lower the water stream to make it more difficult.




Water Balloon Volleyball

Need:2 sheets and filled water balloons
Toss balloons back over the net without them popping using only a sheet.
Divide into teams and give each team a sheet.
Teams pick up the sheet by the edges so it lays flat. The first team them place 3 water balloons in their sheet and tosses the balloons over the net to the other team. The other team must catch the water balloons with their sheet and then toss them back over without letting any of the balloons break. After all the balloons are used each team counts the broken balloons on their side of the net. The team with the fewest broken balloons wins.




Ice Cube Pick Up Game

Need: Small wading pool, water and ice cubes
: Which team can remove the most ice cubes from the pool using their bare feet.
Fill a small wading pool with water and then add lots of ice cubes.
Divide children into equal teams and give each team a plastic cup. Children then line up and in a relay style race take turns putting their feet in the pool and grabbing ice cubes with their feet. Once they grab an ice cube they place it in their teams cup and then next person in line goes. Have teams lined up on opposite sides of the pool . The team that fills their cup first with ice wins.