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How To Play Marbles


How to play marbles and fun marble game ideas for kids of all ages.


marbles and how to play


How To Play Basic Marble Game

This is an easy and basic marble game that is fun for all ages to play.

Make a large circle (3' wide) on the ground using sidewalk chalk or tape outside or if you are playing marbles indoors use a long string or piece of yarn to make a circle on the ground.

Each player places the same number of marbles in the center of the circle. Start with each player putting in 7 - 10 marbles of their own into the circle.

The first player takes their shooter (a larger marble used to hit other marbles) and puts it into the palm of their hand. Then they flick the shooter marble with their thumb into the circle.

They are aiming to hit another marble and make it go outside the circle. If possible aim to hit one or more marbles at a time out of the circle.

The player gets to keep the marbles that they knock out of the circle.


If the player knocks a marble out of the circle they also get another turn, but has to play from where their shooter landed.

If a player can't knock marbles out of the circle then they have to leave their shooter marble inside the circle until it is their turn again or they can replace their shooter with another one of their marbles.

Then it is the next players turn to use their shooter marble to knock as many marbles out of the circle as they can during their turn. If they are able
to knock someones shooter marble out of the cirble then they keep it too.

Play for keeps (keep all the other players marbles that you knock out of the circle) or give back the marbles to each player at the end of the game.