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The Game of Horseshoes


Rules and directions - how to play horseshoes

horseshoes and game area for the horseshoes game

What You Need
Horseshoes and two stakes.

Object of the Game
Be the first one to reach 21 or 40 points.

Set Up for Horseshoes
Set up the two stakes 40 feet apart.  When two players are playing they each stand at the same stake throw towards the opposite stake. 

When teams are playing one team member stands at each of the two stakes.

How to Play Horseshoes


Horseshoes Game Rules


The first player begins by tossing both horseshoes one at a time to the opposite stake.  Then the second player throws both of their horseshoes.  Play continues until one player (or team) reaches 40 points. 



Scoring the game of Horseshoes

The closest shoe to the stake -  1 point.
If both horseshoes are closer than any opponents - 2 points.
If the horseshoe rings the stakes (a ringer) - 3 points.  To be a ringer the horseshoe must completely encircle the stake so that if a stick is placed along the ends of the horseshoe the stick will not touch the stake. 

Closest horseshoe and a ringer - 4 points.

If your opponent throws a ringer on top of your ringer no points are scored by either player.

If your horseshoe lands leaning (a leaner) on the stake - 1 point plus they are considered closer then any shoe expect a ringer. 

To get any points shoes must be within one horseshoe width from the stake (6 inches).