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Foursquare Game


What you need
Driveway or concrete area large enough for at least a 10 ‘ square. Playground ball.

Object of the game
Move up by eliminating players -
Stay or move into the number 1 square

Set Up Foursquare
To play the game draw a large square (over 10‘ wide). Divide the square into four even squares. Number the squares clockwise 1, 2, 3 and 4 with a diagonal line in square 1 (this is the serving line).

Play: Square 1 player serves by bouncing the ball in his square and then hitting the ball into any of the other squares. Players must allow the ball to bounce once in their square before hitting it into another square.

Players may be eliminated from the game by:

- Hitting the ball out of bounds.

- Allowing the ball to bounce more then once in your square.

- Not hitting the ball to another players square.

- Hitting the ball more then once.

- Catching or holding the ball.

Eliminated players must leave the court and all remaining players move up to the next highest square. A new player from the eliminated players joins in the lowest square.

Variations: Once at the top square the player begins to score points.


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