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The Floor Is Lava Games


lava from the floor is lava kids game


The Floor Is Lava is a unique and fun game that kids of all ages love to play.  The game rules and basic concept is simple enough for even young children to understand and crazy enough that tweens and teens still like to play. 


How To Play The Floor Is Lava


In this fun game all the players pretend that the floor is made of lava and they cannot touch the ground. The players must move around the room by climbing on furniture and creating bridges with common household items such as books or pillows.

Any player that touches the floor during the game is out.

During the game the players must be constantly moving from one area of the room to the next and aren't allowed to sit or stand anywhere for more then 10 seconds.




The Floor Is Lava Variations

There are many different ways that the game can be played depending on how many children are playing and where they are playing.

The Floor Is Lava Tag

Start by deciding who will be the first tagger and that person must tag another player without touching the floor. When a player is tagged they become the new tagger and must tag someone other than the person who tagged them.


Playground The Floor Is Lava
This version is a great game to play on the playground using all the playground equipment to keep players up off of the ground. One player is the Lava Monster and they are allowed to walk on the ground to tag other players. Players must continue to move around the playground equipment and if they are still for more then 10 seconds then they are considered tagged.

The game can be played that when a Lava Monster tags someone the tagged player is the new Lava Monster or that the Lava Monster must tag everyone and the last player tagged becomes the new Lava Monster.

For older kids add in the rule that if a player is tagged by the Lava Monster then they have to stay still, but another player can tag them back into the game.


Lava Regeneration
A fun rule for the game is that if a player touches the ground then they have to complete a silly task or dare to get back in the game. We use these kid friendly dares that you can print out before the game. Cut the dares into individual pieces and place in a container for players to draw from when they touch the floor.

Paper Stepping Stones
This is a fun version to play inside for younger children. Place different colored pieces of paper on the floor and tape them down with painters tape. Arrange the paper so that they make paths all around the room and are close enough together so that young children can jump from one piece to the next.

Let the children free play on the pieces of paper or make it more challenging by calling out a color and then all the players must rush to stand on that color of paper without stepping on the floor.



Impromptu Lava

The Floor Is Lava game can be played anywhere at anytime. Surprise your kids while shopping or at the park by simply yelling "The Floor is Lava!" and they have 5 seconds to find an object to stand on that will get them off the ground.



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