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Colored Eggs Game


Colored Eggs is a fun children's game that is a great variation of the game of Tag.  The Wolf guesses what color egg the players are and then tries to tag them.  Fun for all ages!


colored eggs for the colored eggs game


How To Play Colored Eggs


Choose one player to be the Wolf for the first round. 


Choose one player to be the Mother Hen.


All the other players choose a color that they will be for the whole round.  Then one by one they tell their color to the Mother Hen.  Make sure that the Wolf can not hear the colors.


Choose what will be the Chicken Coop, or homebase, and this is where the colored eggs will line up. Make sure it is well defined like a bench, picnic table or a line that when players touch it or pass over it they are safe from the wolf.



Choose a spot in the game area that will be the turn around point where players have to run to it (or around it) and then back to the chicken coop.

It can be a tree, chair, table, etc.


The players line up facing the Wolf. 


The Wolf says "Knock knock".  The players all answer the wolf "Who's there?".  The Wolf answers "the big bad Wolf with _______ hair!" (Fill in the blank with something silly such as blonde, curly, straight hair).  The players answer "What do you want?"  The wolf says "Colored Eggs!"

The players respond "What color do you want?"


The Wolf replies with a color. ("Blue" or "Red" etc.) If no eggs are the color that the wolf calls out they continue calling colors until they find a color that an egg has chosen.


The colored eggs that are the color that the wolf calls out must run to the turn around point and then back to the chicken coop without getting tagged by the wolf. 


If the wolf tags an egg then the player that was tagged becomes the new wolf and the game starts over.


If no eggs are tagged then the wolf starts again to call out colors.


The colored eggs can be any color so make it hard on the wolf and try silly colors such as chartreuse, beige, silver, etc.

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