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Many different versions and variations of the game of tag game for kids

children playing tag games

The best versions of the traditional kids game of Tag. 



Traditional Tag Game
Tag is a simple and fun game to play.  It is easy to learn and fun for children of all ages.


How To Play Tag

Tag is played very simply.  One person is chosen to be "it".  Then "it" runs around chasing the others players.  When "it" tags (touches) another player then the tagged player becomes "it".  Fast paced and fun because the person who is "it" constantly changes. 
Fun ways to choose who's "it"



Tag Game Variations:

Animal Tag Game
Animal Tag is a very funny game to watch and a lot of fun to play for kids of all ages! It's silly and strategic all at the same time. Kids of all ages, plus teens and adults have fun with this tag game! You will need to decide on 4 areas of the game field that will be the "Zoo cages". You can mark out areas on concrete with sidewalk chalk, use chairs or a picnic table as the cages or use hula hoops on the grass.

Once the players know where the cages are located choose a Zookeeper and a Monkey.

The Zookeeper tries to tag all of the animals and put them in the cages.

The Monkey can unlock cages and set animals free.

So while the Zookeeper is running around tagging animals and placing them in cages, the Monkey is running around setting all the animals free.

If that isn't crazy enough before the game starts the players are divided into 4 groups of different spiecies of zoo animals.
Each group of animals can only move the way their animal moves.


So if one group is bears that group can only move about on all fours.

Sloths could only move very slowly.
Kangaroos can only hop.

Birds have to flap their wings.

Zebras have to skip.

Cheetahs have to run fast everywhere.

Be creative with the animal groups and see how crazy you can make your Animal Tag become.

The game ends when the Zookeeper has all of the animals in their cages.

Groups of animals can determine what spiecies they are or the Zookeeper can decide.



Band Aid Tag Game
When a player gets tagged by "it" they have to place one of their hands over the place where they were touched like a bandaid. The player has to run around with their hand like this for the rest of the game.

If they get tagged again they must place their free hand on the place where they were just tagged and run around with both of their hands as bandaids. If they are tagged one more time, or three times, they become the new "it" and all players are healed for the next round.



Blob Tag or Amoeba Tag
One person is "it" or the blob.  When "it" tags someone they must join hands with the blob and try and tag people also.  They cannot let go of their hands as they are running after people.  Play continues until the blob has tagged everyone. 

Variation:  If you have a lot of children playing the game set rules that as soon as the blob gets to be 4 people they must break off into 2 separate blobs of 2 kids each.  




Colored Eggs

Classic kids game of tag where a Wolf chases colored eggs after their color is called out.  See our Colored Eggs Game page for complete instructions on how to play this fun kids game of tag.




Cops and Robbers (Jail Tag) Game
At the beginning of the game split the players into 2 equal teams. One team will be the Cops and the other team will be the Robbers.
The Cops and Robbers tag game needs a jail so decide on a good spot for the jail. It can be a small area, 4 hula hoops on the ground, a picnic table or whatever you have available in the game area.

The Cops try and tag the robbers. Once a Robber is tagged they are taken to jail. While Robbers are running away from the Cops they can free their teammates in the jail by running by the jail and tagging them. The game is done when all the Robbers have been placed in jail by the Cops. Then switch Cops and Robbers teams so everyone has a chance to be both Cops and Robbers.

A fun variation is at the beginning of the game the Cops team covers their eyes and counts to 50 while the Robbers go and hide.

If a Cop gets close to a Robber that is hidden the Robber can run away and try not to get tagged.

Duck, Duck, Goose Tag Game
Duck, Duck, Goose is a fun tag game for kids of all ages. See the complete rules, set up and variations on our Duck, Duck, Goose page. Great for parties, picnics, family gatherings, inside and outside fun.

Elbow Tag Game
Choose who will be "it". Choose who will be the first player to be chased. The rest of the players divide into pairs of 2 and link their elbows together.

The player being chased must link elbows with one of the pairs of players. The player of the pair that doesn't link with the chaser has to break off of the pair and becomes the new person being chased.


They can then go to another pair and link up causing another player to become the one being chased. If a player being chased is tagged by "it" then they becomethe new "it" and start chasing the one who tagged them.




Freeze Tag
When "it" tags someone in the game the tagged player must freeze where they are and cannot move. 
The only way to be come unfrozen is to be tagged by another player. 

When "it" has tagged everyone and everyone is frozen "it" gets to choose who will be "it" for the next round. 

Hospital Tag - or Body Part Tag
When tagged by "it" you cannot use the part of the body that you were tagged on.  If "it" tags your arms then you cannot use your arm ... if they tag you left leg then you cannot use your left leg (you can hop on your right leg).  If "it" tags both of your legs then you can crawl on your stomach or pull yourself with your arms - as long as your arms aren't frozen.   Other players can unfreeze (or heal) arms and legs if they tag you.  Play stops and "it" picks someone to replace them when no one can move. 

Octopus Game
Object of the Game: Stay away from the octopus and the seaweed.

First: Choose who will be “it” for the game.  Mark two lines on each end of a large play area or field. The octopus will stand in the middle of the two lines.

Play: The octopus calls out “ Come _____ in my ocean.” (The blank is filled in by what the players must do as they are crossing the ocean. Hop, twirl, swim, run, run backwards, etc.) Then the players must follow the command and try and make it to the other side of the ocean without being tagged by the octopus. Any player that is tagged becomes seaweed and has to stand in the spot where they were tagged. In the next round both the octopus and the seaweed try and tag players as they go by.

Game Variations:

- Instead of becoming seaweed the tagged children hold hands with the octopus and help tag players.

- The tagged players can catch players as they run by so the octopus can come by and tag them.


Pair Tag
Kids link arms with one other child and form a pair. "It" then tries to join one of the pairs by linking arms with one of the children. The other part of the pair that "it" didn't link to then becomes "it".  Children must always be in a pair. Having more then one person be it is a lot of fun too!   

Pac Man Tag
Pac Man Tag is a fun and different game for kids of all ages! It needs to be played on a large game area that has connecting lines on the court or you can draw your own Pac Man Game on the ground with sidewalk chalk. Make sure that, like the Pac Man game board, there are connecting lines.

The players must follow the lines by walking away from the "it" who is Pac Man. Pac Man must also stay on the lines while chasing the other players. When a player is tagged they become the new Pac Man.

Peanut and Shell Tag
Choose 1 player to start out as the Peanut and another player to start out as the Shell. These positions will change rapidly during the game!

This game is best played in timed rounds of 3 minutes each. Keep score at the end of each round.

The object of the players is to make sure that at the end of each round they are not the Peanut or the Shell.

During the game:
The Shell tries to tag the Nut.
If the Shell tags the Nut then the two players switch roles.

The Peanut tries to tag anyone they can so they won't be the Peanut anymore.
The Peanut can tag anyone but the Shell who is trying to tag them.
When the Peanut tags another player that player becomes the new Peanut (who is now being chased by the Shell).



Rainbow Tag
Object of the Game: To avoid being caught by the rainbow catcher.

First: Choose a “rainbow catcher”. They will stand in the middle of a large play area. Next assign all the remaining players different colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. (Don’t let the rainbow catcher hear what colors each person is assigned.)

Play: The rainbow catcher then calls out a color. All the players that have been assigned that color try and run past the catcher to the other side of the play area. The rainbow catcher tries to tag as many of children as they can before they reach the other side. The kids who are tagged become rainbow catchers and stand in the middle to help tag other players on the next round. Sometimes the rainbow catcher can yell “Rainbow!!” and all the players must try and reach the other side. The last person caught becomes the new rainbow catcher.



Rattlesnake Tag
Object of the Game: Don’t let the head catch the tail of the rattlesnake.

Choose who will be the the rattlesnake head and tail. Children then line up single file behind the head with their hands on the player in front of them’s hips - the tail will be the last in line.

Play: When the head says “go!” the snake begins to follow the head while the head tries to tag the tail. The players in the middle move around to keep the head from getting the tail. The rattlesnake can not come apart. If the head gets the tail then the head becomes the new tail and then person that was second in line behind the head becomes the new head.



Reverse Tag
Played like traditional tag, but reversed.   After "it" is chosen everyone else counts to 10 while "it" runs away.  Then all players try and tag "it".   When someone tags "it" then they become "it" and everyone then tries to tag them. 



Ringolevio is a fun tag style game that is a version of the Cops and Robbers Tag Game. See Above
Divide into 2 teams. Both of the teams will have jails to hold the players that they tag.

One team will hide their eyes and count to 50 while the other team hides. As the players are found they can run away from the other team to avoid being tagged. But they can also tag
them and place them in their own jail. All the players are trying to tag the other teams players while keeping from being tagged themselves.
Once tagged a player has to go to the opposite teams jail. While in jail a teammate can run by and free anyone in that jail.

It is a good strategy to keep one player near the jail to stop a jail break of all their prisoners.


Shipwrecked or Safe Zone Tag
Before the game set up safe zones around the game area. You will need one less safe zone then kids that are playing the game. We use hula hoops on the ground as safe zones. They are durable and cheap if you pick them up at the $1.00 store. Choose who will be "it".


The players run around and to avoid being caught they can stand in one of the safe zones for 10 seconds and avoid being tagged by "it". Only one person can be in a safe zone at a time.

The rules are the same as the above game, however there is no time limit in the safe zones. But when a player runs into a safe zone that is occupied, the player that was there has to get out of that safe zone. You will need fewer hula hoops to play this version.




Spiderman Tag
In the game of Spiderman Tag the players form a large circle.
The player who is Spiderman begins the game on the inside of the circle.
Another player who will be the Green Goblin begins the game on the outside of the circle.

Spiderman begins the game going in and out of the circle between players while the Green Goblin tries to tag Spiderman.

When Spiderman goes in or out of the circle between two players those players hold hands. That part of the web is now sewn up and cannot used again
for Spiderman or the Green Goblin to in or out of the circle.

Spiderman tries to sew up the whole web without being tagged by the Green Goblin.


TV Tag
When about to be tagged a player must sit down and yell out a TV character.  If they yell it out before "it" can tag them then they can't be tagged.  "It" must then run after another player.