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SPUD - How to play the game of SPUD



spud ball for the spud game


SPUD is a fun outside game for a group of kids or adults.  Rules, instructions, directions and fun variations of the SPUD game.


What you need to play:  A playground ball, large area and several players.

Object of the game:  Try and eliminate other players by catching, dodging or throwing the ball.

Set up the game: Assign each player a different number.  Choose a player to be "it" first.   How to choose "it"



How to Play SPUD:

“It” holds the ball and all the other players circle around him.

“It” then throws the ball straight up in the air while calling out a number.

The player with that number must catch the ball either while it is coming down or on the rebound.



While the player is catching the ball all other players scatter and get as far away as they can from the person catching the ball.

When the ball is caught that player yells “SPUD!”.

The players who are running away must then stop in their tracks.

The player with the ball then tries to throw the ball and hit one of the other players.



If the player hits someone then the player he hits gets a letter in the word SPUD. If he misses then he himself gets a letter. When a player gets all four letters of the word SPUD they must sit out the rest of the game.




- The player catching the ball can select a player he wants to hit and then take 4 steps toward that player before throwing the ball.


- If a player who’s number was called catches the ball without letting it bounce they can then throw the ball in the air and call another number. Then that player must run back and try and catch the ball. If they catch it they can call out another number while throwing the ball in the air.  If they miss they take 4 steps and try and hit another player. 


- Instead of assigning numbers players surround “it” and then “it” counts to 10 while the other players scatter. “It” then yells SPUD and everyone freezes. “It” can take 4 steps towards the person they are attempting to hit before they throw the ball.