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Simon Says Game


Simon Says is a classic kids game that only needs a group of friends and a leader to play.  Great game for indoors or outdoors for kids of all ages. Great large group game or can be played with as few as 3 players.


Rules, how to play and fun Simon Says game commands and ideas.


How To Play Simon Says


The object of the Simon Says Game is to follow the instructions of the leader and be the last one still in the game.


Decide who will be the leader for the first round.


All the other kids stand and face the leader in a group.


Simon, or the leader, will call out directions and commands to the group that the group must follow.  Before each command the leader must say "Simon Says".  For example: "Simon says touch your toes".  Then all the players must touch their toes. 


If a command is given such as "Hop on one foot", then the players must continue to hop on one foot until another Simon Says command is given.


If Simon gives a command without saying "Simon Says" then players have to stand still and not move.  If players move or do the command then they are out of the game and must sit down until the next round.


The player that is the last one standing is the winner and becomes the new Simon.



 Simon Says Ideas


Some fun Simon Says commands are:


1. Touch your toes

2. Hop like a frog

3. Skip in a circle

4. Do 5 jumping jacks

5. Pretend you're an elephant

6. Hop on one foot

7. Touch your ears

8. Pretend to skip rope

9. Rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time

10. Summersault

11. Walk like a penguin

12. Write your name with your toes

13. Kick your feet up to the sky

14. Do the macherana

15. Fly like a butterfly

16. Pretend to hula hoop

17. Bear crawl

18. Climb up a ladder

19. Do the YMCA dance

20. Be a butterfly

21. Prance like a horse

22. Sing a song

23. High five the person next to you

24. Be a monkey

25. Cover your eyes with your hands

26. Do pushups

27. March in place

28. Play a piano

29. Reach for the sky

30. Run in a circle around your friends


Anything funny and a little crazy can be a Simon Says idea!