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Shadow Scout Game

Fast paced game for groups of kids


Need to play: Large safe neighborhood

Object of the game: Find it with the help of shadow scout clues.

What to do first: Choose “it” and give them a 2 minute head start to find a place to hide. Two players are also chosen to be the shadow scouts and they both run off with “it“.

Play: After 2 minutes of following “it” one of the shadow scouts goes back to the other players. The second shadow scout continues to follow “it” and places clues on where he has been by leaving pebbles, rocks, chalk directions or anything else he can think of that would lead the team to where “it” is hiding. As soon as the first shadow scout returns the players follow him and try and pick up the clues left by the second shadow scout. If “it” is not found within 5 minutes of the start of the game (or any amount of time set before the game starts) they win. Scouts can not yell or point out in any way where “it” is hiding once all the players are in the area he is hiding.

Strategy: If you are “it” you need to somehow lose both of the shadow scouts so they don’t know where you are hiding. If you are a shadow scout you need to get creative on what signs you leave.





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