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Red Light, Green Light Game

Classic children's game - fun for all ages

    What you need to play: Kids and a large playing area - inside or outside.

Object of the game: To tag “it” before they catch you moving.

First: Choose who will be “it”. “It” then stands - with their back towards the kids - on one side of the yard and the children line up on the opposite side.

How to Play: “It” will call out either - green light - or - red light -.

When “it” calls out - green light -, the kids will run towards “it”.

When “it” call out - red light - the players must freeze because after calling -red light- “it” will turn around and try and catch anyone who is moving.

If “it” catches someone moving then they must go all the way back to where they started.

Continue until someone reaches “it” and tags them.

The person who tags “it” becomes the new “it”.   Players return to the starting line and begin again.

Strategy: Try and stop before “it” calls out - red light - so you don’t get caught moving.





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