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Playground Shark Game


A fun indoor or outdoor playground, gym, backyard or park game for kids to play.  All you need is a big space to play and lots of friends.


How To Play Playground Shark

The object of the game is for players to go across the "ocean" (game area) without getting tagged by the shark.


Choose one player to be the shark for the first round.


The shark stands in the middle of the game area.  All the other players line up along the edge of one side of the game area. 


The players slowly move toward the shark with the goal of reaching the other side of the game area without getting tagged by the shark.  At any time the shark can yell out "Shark Attack!!" and all the players must run to the other side of the game area.


If a player gets tagged by the shark then they also become a shark for the next round. All the sharks stand in the middle of the ocean and call "Shark Attack!!" again and try to tag more players that are running across the ocean.  Any players that are tagged also become sharks.  Keep playing until there is one player that hasn't been tagged.  They are the winner and the new shark to start off another game.


Fast paced fun with lots of running from one side of the ocean to the other.