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Monkey In The Middle Game



Monkey in the Middle is a fun children's game that is easy to play and only requires a soft ball and a group of at least 3 friends to play.

Choose who will be the first person in the middle of the circle or the monkey. All the other players will stand in a circle around the monkey.

How To Play Monkey In the Middle Game

One of the players in the circle will toss the ball to another player in the circle. While the ball is in the air the monkey will try and grab the ball before the other player catches it.

If the monkey catches the ball then they take the place of one of the people in the circle and that person becomes the new monkey.

If the player in the circle catches the ball then they must immediately toss the ball to another player in the circle. They can toss to any player except the one that tossed the ball to them. If a player in the circle holds on to the ball for more then 3 seconds then they are the new monkey.

This is an endless game with no winners or losers just a group of friends having fun!

If a ball is dropped then the monkey gets to choose who will be the new monkey and takes their place in the circle.


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