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Limbo - How to play the game of Limbo


Limbo is a great game to play at parties or a Luau


What you need to play

A limbo stick, broomstick, rope or hose

Object of the game

See who can limbo under the stick at the lowest point. 

Set up the Limbo game

Choose 2 people to hold the limbo stick (or rope) and then ask everyone else to line up single file behind them.



How to play Limbo


 Have the two people holding the limbo stick start the game by holding the stick about 4 feet from the ground.  Everyone in line must then go under the stick by walking forward and bending backward under the stick.  If someone touches the stick they are out.   Once everyone has had a turn going under the limbo stick start again by lowering the stick about 6 inches.  Continue lowering the stick each round until there is only one player that can make it under the stick.


If everyone gets out in a round start that round again until one person can make it under successfully.



Variations of the Limbo game for kids:  Instead of walking forwards try walking backwards, or make they go under sideways.

Limbo is fun at birthday parties, picnics and pool parties.