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Dodgeball Game


Dodgeball is a fun group game played with 2 teams, a large game area and a soft playground ball.  Dodgeball games rules, variations and ideas on how to play this team game.


 playground ball used in the game of Dodgeball


What you need to play

Several playground or soft balls and a minimum of 4 players. A large playing area.



Object of the game

 Avoid being hit by balls the other team is throwing and eliminate the other teams players.



Set up

Dodgeball:Divide the playing area in half with a line. Place a line or object in the center of this line to mark it as the middle. Draw 2 attack lines 10 feet from the center line in each direction. Draw an “end line” rectangle at the far end of each teams playing field. Place the balls on the center line - spaced evenly.



How to play Dodgeball

Players start the game at the end line with one foot in the rectangle. At the whistle teams rush toward the middle and grab the balls only to the right side of the marker on the center line. Team members throw balls at the opposite team only after they have crossed back over their own “attack” line. Players may never cross the middle line or step out of bounds.


Players who are hit with the balls are out of the game.


If you catch a ball thrown at you (before it hit’s the ground) then the thrower is out.


** Bonus: After catching the ball an eliminated player from your team gets to come back.


Hitting a player in the face eliminates the thrower.


Warnings: Use only soft playground balls


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